Origin of Manai&Brand Concept

~Manai-derived & concept~

It continues to be a natural material originating from Hokkaido in Hokkaido born.
That it continues to be a MADE IN HOKKAIDO. Then, "we inherited" good things from mother to child to "all the way followed by the go", "connected to go" MANAI of character the company name and product brand name to create products based on the concept that put the "true love Manai" that thing put underlined, was born and M_A_N_A_I.
There are about 50 years the length of life, "graceful beauty" is the language of flowers, Hokkaido of white flowers "Nobeyowaikusa of Oobana" as a logo mark, logo mark a thought for the material you are using to Manai cosmetics I put in.

Joint development research

~Joint development research~

Manai of material is carefully selected Hokkaido of natural materials of Hokkaido born, we are also in Hokkaido joint development research.
Indispensable to making cosmetics and "clean water" is the effect of soil pollution has been developed for the eyes to the compatibility of the close material to zero as possible. MADE IN also material fact that is HOKKAIDO is using believes that it would be give a good influence of something, we do day-to-day research to bring out the original of the power possessed by the material.